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Bitcoin is the most well-known cryptocurrency and takes the 1st place according to market cap. The market capitalization of Bitcoin in December 2018 amounted to $ 58,000,000,000 USD. Bitcoin got world attention in 2011. Organizations started accepting Bitcoin donations. By 2012, more than 1,000 merchants were accepting Bitcoin. In 2013 Bitcoin got more and more respect, and its price for the first time exceeded the threshold of $ 1,000. However, more and more companies began to accept Bitcoin, including technology giants as Microsoft and Dell. By the end of 2016 thousands of merchants were accepting Bitcoin, and the price of the currency rose rapidly. It reached the highest grade in December 2017 - almost $20,000.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) - cryptocurrency, appeared on August 2017 became the most successful Bitcoin’s offshoot. It appeared due to the rapid growth of the popularity of Bitcoin when the standard block size was not enough. Average Bitcoin Cash transactions have low price and confirm in an average of 10 minutes, because the mempool of pending transactions is cleared with each new block. Despite the fact that the coin appeared not so long ago it managed to establish itself as reliable and consolidate the position on the top five global cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin Cash quickly gained popularity among investors and traders and in December 2018 BCH ranks on placed on the7th line in the list of all world cryptocurrencies.

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