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Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is an upgraded version of the original Bitcoin, but with some changes that eliminate the problems of original system. Bitcoin cash came out in a period of a constant problem in the world of bitcoins, known as the scaling dilemma. Blocks in the bitcoin blockchain were originally designed for 1 MB capacity, which meant that they were created to store the final number of transactions. This limit became problematic as the bitcoin network attracted more and more users who tried to process transactions. Bitcoin Cash increased the number of transactions that can be processed per block. Such technology immediately attracted many investors

Due to high demand of Bitcoin Cash, exchange Bitoin Cash to Euro is relevant especially because Euro is considered to be t reliable and stable currency which used all over the world.

Crypterum trading platform offers to exchange your to EUR easily, quickly and secure! Such exchange processed instantly and you will get your EUR right after you press a button.

Later you may withdraw it on Advcash, online payment card card, Perfect Money, etc. or buy other cryptocurrencies.


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