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Bitcoin Cash is a cryptocurrency and peer-to-peer payment system, which arose in 2017 due to growing dissatisfaction with increased cost of Bitcoin transactions. Bitcoin Cash is Bitcoin fork. It is peer-to-peer electronic, decentralized cryptocurrency, which does not require trusted third parties and the central bank. The new coin has fully kept the Bitcoin blockchain structure but it became a completely independent decentralized cryptocurrency which is based on the same algorithm as the prototype, but at the same time has a higher rate of payments. The only significant difference between BCH and BTC is a block size. Bitcoin has 1MB, and Bitcoin Cash 8MB. BCH was supposed to reduce network overload and its developers have coped with the task. Some users started to work with Bitcoin Cash and this led to a drop in transaction fees of both coins.

The price of Bitcoin Cash was about 280 USD when it first came to trades but after a few hours its price had already risen to 500 USD, and after 3 weeks BCH price was more than 1000 USD. The peak value was reached on December 2017 - the cost of the fork increased to 5000 dollars. At the end of 201, the market capitalization of Bitcoin Cash amounted to 12,700,000,000 euros.

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