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Litecoin was one of the first cryptocurrencies appeared after Bitcoin and was labeled as silver in digital currencies. LTC is faster than Bitcoin, has a large number of tokens and a new mining algorithm. Litecoin was a real innovation, ideally suited to be Bitcoin’s younger brother.

Litecoin was founded by former Google employee Charlie Lee. It was one of the first forks of the main Bitcoin client. Litecoin was proposed as a solution to some problems with Bitcoins, in particular, the number of transactions that can be processed within a certain time. The advantage that Litecoin has in comparison with bitcoins is that the costs of payment transactions are extremely low and it can speed up payments about 4 times faster. Litecoin can be sent almost instantly to anywhere in the world with a very low commission and it is faster than Bitcoin, since blocks in the first are created, on average, every 2.5 minutes, and in the second, every 10 minutes.

Despite the fact that according to market cap Litecoin came down from the second to the ninth place, it still does not lose the popularity among traders and they ready to invest in Litecoin their money.

And surely many traders need to buy Litecoin for euro. Crypterum trading platform offers to exchange your EUR to LTC easily, quickly and secure! The exchange of euro to Litecoin is instant, you can always see the exchange rate and make the exchange at the most convenient moment.


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