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The number of cryptocurrencies that have won the leading positions in the global financial market has long exceeded tens and LTC is confined to be among them. Litecoin is one of the first forks of Bitcoin. Charlie Lee, the developer of Litecoin, wanted to improve Bitcoin and make transaction faster. It became an urgent problem when people were waiting for online confirmations for days. Litecoin obviously has an advantage here, and its low commissions make it an ideal alternative.

The advantages of Litecoin also lie in the fact that these coins can be sent almost instantly to anywhere in the world with a very low commission. Litecoin is slightly faster than Bitcoin, since blocks in the first are created, on average, every 2.5 minutes, and in the second, every 10 minutes.

So, many traders need to exchange LTC for fiat money. And, since euro is the official currency of nineteen European Union countries and the national currency of six other European countries, it shows itself as a stable and reliable currency, exchange Litecoin to Euro is relevant for traders all over the world. Crypterum trading platform offers to exchange your LTC to EUR easily, quickly and secure! Such exchange processed instantly and you will get your EUR right after you press a button.

Later you may withdraw it on Advcash, online payment card card, Perfect Money, etc. or buy other cryptocurrencies.


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