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If you are ready to invest fiat funds in cryptocurrency, you should think carefully about which cryptocurrency you want to purchase. We offer to buy time-tested and reliable coins such as Dash. Dash short for Digital Cash – is currently one of the most promising cryptocurrencies. This is a digital currency with an instant transaction, focused on confidentiality, based on Bitcoin software. Since its inception Dash went through a series of name changes. It was launched as XCoin, later changed to Darkcoin and finally settled on Dash. Dash is a leading e-commerce and payment-oriented e-currency and a growing alternative to Bitcoin. With more than 1000% year-on-year increase in both value and trading volume since 2015, Dash consistently ranks among the top fifteen digital currencies according to market capitalization and is only one of the few that offer secure, decentralized financial solutions for cryptocurrency problems. Dash offers a form of money that is portable, inexpensive, divisible and fast. Many users prefer Digital Cash because of instant private online payments. It is a value-oriented cryptocurrency and offers users a higher level of anonymity. Dash uses the PrivateSend technology which is written into it at the protocol level. Several transactions are combined into one main transaction, which is signed by each sender before being broadcasted to the network. Dash developers have released a new blockchain protocol to overcome its inherent flaws in the Bitcoin blockchain. This is the first self-managed and self-financing blockchain protocol in the world that allows making instant payments through a network of masternodes. Dash is a cryptocurrency with obvious advantages: convenient and inexpensive payment system for sellers and buyers: this cryptocurrency has a promising direction of development.

Crypterum trading platform offers to buy DASH for Rubles easily, quickly and secure! Such exchange processed instantly and you will get your Dash right after you press a button. The exchange of rubles to Dash is instant, you can always see the exchange rate and make the exchange at the most convenient moment.


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