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Bitcoin is the equivalent of digital gold. Like gold, Bitcoin is also unlikely to ever fully lose its full value. As Bitcoin is the first digital coin and is the proof-of-concept for the entire blockchain industry, there will always be a community that will promote and trade Bitcoin. As Bitcoin is decentralized it doesn’t depend on fiat currencies or on central banks. Bitcoin transaction does not contain personal information and it is perfectly protected by encryption. Some analysts believe that Bitcoin will have a market capitalization of $1 trillion by 2025. And almost no one has doubts about investments in Bitcoin and its results. Before investing you should obviously choose the way you want to get some BTC.

The most popular way to talk about the price of Bitcoin is to compare bitcoin with dollar. When you hear people talking of cryptocurrency price, they will probably talk about dollar.

And surely many traders need to buy BTC for dollar, since dollar is considered as one of the most reliable and stable currencies in the world. Crypterum trading platform offer to exchange your Dollar to Bitcoin easily, quickly and secure! The exchange of USD to BTC is instant, you can always see the exchange rate and make the exchange at the most convenient moment.


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