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If you are ready to invest fiat funds in cryptocurrency, you should think carefully about which cryptocurrency you want to purchase. We offer to buy time-tested and reliable coins such as Dash. Dash (originally Darkcoin, then XCoin) is decentralized payment system which was launched in 2014 and managed to reach a new level in cryptocurrency. At the beginning of 2016, Dash became extremely popular in many countries of the world and was approved by both large companies and individuals. Dash is an open source peer-to-peer cryptocurrency that aims to be the most user-friendly and the most scalable cryptocurrency in the world. In addition to the Bitcoin features it currently offers instant transactions (InstantSend), private transactions (PrivateSend). Dash network consists of two levels: ordinary participants who are involved into a traditional blockchain structure that operates according to Proof-of-Work algorithm (POW), and second level - masternodes – servers which are connected to the top level network. Masternodes carry out anonymous transactions and payments at high speed. Dash is a cryptocurrency with obvious advantages: convenient and inexpensive payment system for sellers and buyers: this cryptocurrency has a promising direction of development.

And surely many traders need to buy Dash for dollar, since dollar is considered as one of the most reliable and stable currencies in the world. Crypterum trading platform offers to exchange your USD to Dash easily, quickly and secure! The exchange of dollar to Dash is instant, you can always see the exchange rate and make the exchange at the most convenient moment.


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