Notification of Risks

1.1. Cryptocurrency trade is accompanied by a risk, arising from possible intense fluctuations of cryptocurrency prices. It may work both in your favor and against you, and lead to great losses or great profits. The User understands and acknowledges that during the process of a trade operation there may be significant changes in the market, including negative changes for the Client.

1.2. Service strives to ensure a stability of the trading platform, although is not responsible for any malfunction, breakdown, delay or interruption of the Internet connection, and cannot guarantee 100% uptime, for the following reasons:

  1. server overload;
  2. technical works and prevention;
  3. DDOS-attack;
  4. problems on the Data Center;
  5. other objective reasons.

Thereby, the User admits the risks of financial losses or loss of profit due to malfunctions of information, communication, electronic and other communication systems and data transfer, as well as temporary unavailability of the Service.

1.3. Thereby the User admits the risk of any financial losses, caused by the fact that he did not receive or received with a delay, a Service message.

1.4. The user acknowledges that any information, sent by e-mail in an unencrypted form is not protected from unauthorized access.

1.5. The user is fully responsible for the confidentiality of information received from the Service and assumes the risk of any financial loss, caused by unauthorized third-party access to his/her account.

1.6. The User is properly acquainted with commissions, charges and other payments that will be charged by the Service, before trading. The amounts of such payments may reduce the User's profit or increase its losses.

1.7. The information presented in this section doesn't reveal all the risks, connected to cryptocurrency trade. Users should understand the nature and essence of cryptocurrency trade and its inherent risks. Users shouldn't start trading until they understand and determine all the specific risks.

1.8. Never invest all your money in cryptocurrency, if you cannot afford to lose. Investing in cryptocurrency always has certain risks. For example:

  1. Cryptocurrencies compete constantly, so the new cryptocurrency can surpass the one you've invested.
  2. There could be vulnerabilities in the encryption algorithm
  3. Some countries may try to prohibit or regulate cryptocurrency, influencing the situation with cryptocurrency use.
  4. An unrecoverable defect can be found in the cryptocurrency protocol and lead it to complete collapse.